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The Ohio Constitution declares all power inherent in the people. Issue 1 seeks to rob that from us

David DeWitt | Ohio Capital Journal

The Ohio burgee waving along with the national flag of the United States of America.​​​​​​​Getty Images.

The Ohio burgee waving along with the national flag of the United States of America.
Getty Images.

The Ohio Constitution Bill of Rights declares all power is inherent in the people.

Now it’s time for Ohio voters to show all of America how seriously we take that, or if we’ve abandoned our own birthright — this timeless, defining principle of democracy.

With Issue 1 on August 8, Ohio lobbyists and politicians demand total unchecked power.

They seek to create signature requirements so burdensome that they would destroy the ability of Ohio citizen groups to bring amendments to our Ohio Constitution ever again.

And they seek to ensure a minority of voters can veto critical decisions over the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all Ohioans.


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